Fishing Prize Game at Dream Mall in Kaohsiung

There are some games that never die out, and the fishing game is definitely one of them. Known for being a kid’s game, it is actually quite popular among adults as well. Aside from having a lot of fun trying to catch some plastic fish with a small rod, you’ll also win a lot of prizes if you are able to catch a certain number of fish. One of the best places where you can find one of these retro games would be in the rooftop of Dream Mall located in Kaohsiung. At the very top of Dream Mall lies a medium sized open air amusement park with various rides, other prize games, and more importantly, that retro fishing game that everyone knows and loves. When I tried that game out, it even reminded me of the time when I went fishing with my dad! That’s how memorable this simple little game is.

When you go there, you’ll see a lot of kids and a lot of adults playing it as well. Like I said before, there are really some games that never go out of style.

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