Hi! My name is Lloyd, and I welcome you to my world– of amusement. My website offers readers a guide to some of the best amusement parks around the world. The first time my parents started bringing me to amusement parks was when I was a kid. I was first brought to Disneyland and rode my first ride. The wind in my hair and the thrill of riding on a very fast paced ride definitely excited me. From then on, I was hooked on theme parks. Growing up, I developed a passion for traveling around the world and combined that passion with my love for amusement parks. Now, I travel around the world to visit different amusement parks– and to blog about it.

Over the years, I’ve traveled around so many different amusement parks around the globe such as Disneyland, Universal Studios in Hollywood, Universal Studios in Singapore, Seaworld, Magic Kingdom, Legoland, Tokyo Disneysea, and recently, Hong Kong Disneyland among others. These are only some of the places that i’ve visited in my many different travels. My only wish as a theme park blogger is to share my passion with other people who have the same enthusiasm as me. I also love introducing my readers to theme parks that they’d probably want to visit. When someone asks me for a recommendation on the best amusement to go to, I’d gladly give them a detailed review on the spot!

So, if this is something that sounds interesting to you, then take a gander at some of my blog posts and let me share with you my world of theme park enjoyment as my readers are my top priority. Please register to my page or join me by making a comment on the discussion board. I’d love to meet you and share some adventures with you.