Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

Are you a fan of fast roller coaster rides? Then you’d definitely want to take a spin on the Formula Rossa in Ferrari World located in Abu Dhabi.  The Formula Rossa is one of, if not the fastest roller coaster in the world. There’s probably nothing faster than this roller coaster out there. It’s known for not having that many loops and drops unlike other big roller coasters but with very good reason. This roller coaster travels at 149 mph which is probably the fastest that a roller coaster has ever been. This isn’t any home recliner ride.

You don’t need all of those loops and drops when the speed is already enough to drive your adrenaline to the core. I would definitely recommend this ride for anyone who loves fast rides, an adrenaline rush, and a really cool roller coaster. If you happen to drop by Abu Dhabi, go and check out Ferrari World and don’t forget to miss out on the Formula Rossa ride. You’ll definitely have a lot of fun being a speed demon on this deadly fast roller coaster.

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